Getting a baby that is exclusively nursing to take a bottle can be quite challenging. The key is to mimic the nursing experience as much as possible. Boob to bottle couldn’t get any easier using Kiinde’s bottle system.

If possible, try to have someone else give baby bottle first, because they may refuse if they know momma is around. Daughter of mine wouldn’t even attempt to take a bottle with me in the same room. I stepped out, within minutes I receive a text. Her dad successfully got her to take it herself.

It all starts with the bottle. I use Kiinde’s Twist Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottles. Its multipurpose use makes it extremely convenient and you won’t ever have to wash a dirty bottle once. Curious how or why? Find out here.

It’s recommended to exclusively breastfeed for the first two months to eliminate the possibility of nipple confusion and so baby can learn to latch properly. However, some of us can’t be around baby 24/7, plan on going/went back to work, or may simply want that flexibility of anyone being able to feed baby.

It was not easy getting my daughter to take a bottle, at all. It takes patience, and routine. Noticing hunger cues? Grab the bottle and let’s get to it.

In an upright position, stroke baby’s lips with bottle nipple (as you would with your boob) until they open their mouth and allow them to “accept” it themselves rather than you putting in their yourself.

Once baby is feeding, mimic your letdown pattern and take frequent pauses during that time. This helps eliminate preference, nipple confusion, and your baby from guzzling the whole thing down.

Keep in mind, baby dosing off and releasing bottle nipple before the bottle is empty, they are letting you know they are done eating. You do not need to wake baby to finish.