Babies are expensive. Shoot, pregnancy gets expensive too. So many articles claiming “How to” get free baby stuff or “Baby freebies”. Half of them outdated, and the other half not available, you already know about, or just straight email spam.

Is there even such thing as “Free baby stuff” anymore?

I am going to be honest with you, nowadays the only time you can get 100% free baby stuff WITH NO PURCHASE is if you create a baby registry at Target, Buy Buy Baby, and occasionally Walmart will have free baby sample kits/boxes upon also creating a baby registry through them. Other than that it is still possible to get free baby stuff, but with often paying a shipping and handling fee.

On average I have noticed free baby items to typically have S&H costs ranging from $9.95-$16.95, and all you get is the product itself and no bonuses.

Bottle samples are very common amongst free baby stuff and usually get tossed in registry kits/bags. The same samples, an Avent or Dr. Brown bottle are nice to receive, but why not discover something new? Something both different and designed to make your life easier? Something that will make you WANT to breastfeed because of its simplicity?

Breastfeeding made Easier

Being a breastfeeding & pumping mama with little to no time, I look for easy and fast every chance I get. Pumping while nursing and well, pumping, in general, can be difficult and is quite a process when it comes down to it..

Pump, transfer into breastmilk storage pouch *without spilling any* and freeze. That is your typical pumping process. However, turning your liquid gold into a bottle is even more of a process.

Thaw, warm, transfer AGAIN (this time into baby’s bottle) without spilling any and chances are baby is in your arms making this so much harder than it needs to be. Having both a screaming and hungry baby, this whole process becomes frustrating when you’re already trying to be as fast as you possibly can.

Being classified as one of the “Best Baby Bottles for Pumping Moms”, by this bottle lives up to that and gets you the most out of your money. I bet you’re wondering “why” and “how” what I am going to present to you does this.

Save time daily, NEVER spill any of your liquid gold again, and get your moneys worth out of Kiinde’s Twist Pouch Bottle System.

Free Kiinde Starter Kit Explained

Kiinde Starter Kit

It gets even better… NEVER WASH A BOTTLE. You are going to throw out your breastmilk storage pouches anyways. Get your money’s worth and turn it into a bottle without the transfers and milk spills.

Kiinde’s Twist Pouches also have the ability to attach directly to breast pumps for quick and no mess storage.

This product is a life-saver and definitely makes being a mama easier daily. Try it out for yourself for FREE, with the smallest S&H fee I have ever seen for free baby stuff, $6.

This Free Kiinde Starter Kit is a great way to experiment with the product. So great that there is even BONUS FREE COUPONS! Kiinde is confident you will see how great their product is and make the switch to their brand after the sample that a Free 40 count Breastmilk storage pouches coupon and a 50% off Kiinde Gift set with Kozii breastmilk and bottle warmer coupon are included!

Kiinde Starter Kit

The Starter kit (pictured above) will include:

  • 1 – Twist pouch
  • 2 – Standard Direct-Pump Adapters (compatible with pumps from Medela®, Hygeia®, Ameda®, ARDO®, Spectra®, Avent® and Evenflow® and other pumps with a standard thread)
  • 2 – Spectra/Avent Direct-Pump Adapters
  • 1 – Twist Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle
  • 1 – Twist Active Latch Slow-Flow Nipple with Case
  • A Coupon valid for a Free 40 count pack of Twist Pouches
  • A Coupon valid for 50% off the Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set ($99.99 MSRP, a $50 value)

Give it a try! Make your life easier and faster, and take advantage of this offer. I can not tell you how much time it saves me DAILY and makes pumping POSSIBLE! If it’s not for you, no worries, at least it’s only $6.

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