Is your baby yanking on you mid nursing session? Not satisfied after a feeding? Are these problems only on a specific side? You may be dealing with a boob that’s slacking. 

It’s a well-known fact breastmilk is produced by your body based on your supply/demand, wich means the more you nurse the more your body will pick up the message to refill the milk that is being taken. 

It took a battle with getting my daughter to latch back on every 15 minutes during a feeding, and a pumping session to realize my right breast is slacking greatly. Which meant my daughter was not receiving as much milk as she should be and I was not supplying as much as I could be! I had to act fast! 

Getting that breast to step up isn’t as hard as you think. Boosting the demand on your slacker side is what will get that milk flowing. However, you only need to fix one side only, and in order to do that pumping will be your best friend even more than it is already.

That slacker boob needs all the help it can get, and in order to do so it starts with pumping. Pumping on that slacker boob needs to be more frequent, meaning adding more pumping sessions in between your existing feeding and pumping schedule. 

I found pumping on the side I was slacking on after being nursed on or if being nursed on opposite side helped encourage my production, in addition to adding extra pump sessions. For example, I pump 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and before bed). When being faced with my slacker I added in additional sessions, so I was now pumping between my morning and afternoon session, and between my afternoon and before bed session.

It’s gonna take some commitment and repetition so continue to do this until you see the increase in production you’re looking for. If need be, pump between bed and morning session, it’s hard but will be worth it in the long run. Look at the bright side, you’re building a freezer stash!

Get more ounces out of your pumping session with Lansinoh’s Breast Packs. You place this, warmed up, over your flange while pumping and it works by encouraging let-downs and cutting pumping time in half.

Remember to keep yourself healthy and maintain a balanced diet, and once milk supply is producing equally you need to maintain it by making sure to offer equal amount of time on each breast and rotate feeding on each breast each session.