It’s been months, you’ve been counting the days, and comparing baby to fruit to watch them grow weekly. You’ve been frantically researching and gathering everything to make babys arrival a breeze.

Baby isn’t the only person you need to prepare for!

When you’re pregnant there is so much talk about baby from what gender will they be to your choice of their name, that you don’t even remember to think about yourself. No one seems to talk about what happens after you deliver, better known as postpartum. You need to remember momma, you are the one that delivers your new member of the family and that postpartum period is a whole different story. 

Your body goes through so much just to carry your precious baby. Once they decide to arrive you need to help your body recover. Juggling a newborn, along with taking care of your postpartum self doesn’t need to be as hard as it sounds. 

Let me tell you what you REALLY need to make postpartum care easier, while helping your body heal in the process. You’ll want to make sure you have these things ready and easily accessible before you bring baby home.

Easily check off each item from the Oh Baby Pregnancy Planner and be prepared today! You never know when your baby will make their debut!

Maxi Pads

Postpartum Reccommended: Always Ultra Thin with Overnight Protection

You may want to slightly stock up on these! The amount you bleed after having baby is close to the amount of a very heavy menstrual period. Maxi pads will be able to really hold your flow, and I would opt to get an “overnight” option for additional coverage in the day time, not only at night. You can expect to bleed very heavily for the first week to two weeks. It’s completely normal. Your body is cleansing itself of the extra blood and tissues in your uterus that helped baby grow. These are the ones I used and they provided excellent protection and absorption discreetly.

Tucks Medicated Pads

Postpartum Reccommended:Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads

Now depending on how long your labor lasts and how fast/quickly you can deliver baby vaginally you can expect to possibly suffer from tearing resulting in stitches, and hemorrhoids because baby is huge and applying so much pressure while you aid to get them out. These pads are magical, containing witch hazel to help soothe your uncomfortable area, while helping your area heal and provide incredible cooling relief, which trust me, you will need! Now you’re going to want to sightly stock up on these too because you’re going to be replacing them after every bathroom trip.

Peri Bottle

  Postpartum Reccommended: Peri Bottle

Once you can start to feel when you have to pee or you go see if you can pee because you can’t feel it, you’re going to wish you had this! Now remember momma, you just delivered your beautiful little one who weighed an average 6-8lb. Your lady parts are extremely fragile right now and can’t handle wiping with your usual toiletries.

That’s where this bad boy comes in handy, use this while peeing to help with discomfort. As soon as you’re done releasing what’s in your bladder, you’re going to want to make sure you have this ready again, aim it towards your lady parts, spray until you feel clean, and then you’re going to GENTLY PAT yourself dry. This helps you stay clean and prevent infections!

Dermoplast Pain and Itch Spray

 Postpartum Reccommended: Dermoplast Pain Reliever

This spray right here works wonders on helping you get back to feeling like you, and helped me heal faster. You can relate this to the tucks, but a liquid spray version. I would spray this on my lady parts after cleansing myself with the peri bottle and patting dry. The coolness of the spray instantly started to provide relief to my painful burning area.


Now ladies, you may have a vast assortment of these. Purchase some panties that are either classic briefs or hipster (whichever you prefer), that you don’t mind getting ruined if you have any accidental leaks of any sort. These styles of panties also provide some extra coverage to help your pad stay in place and keep you comfortable! 

Sitz Bath 

 Sitz Bath Postpartum Reccommended: Siz Bath

This not only provided relief, it helped me heal faster and feel clean when I needed to the most. You place this in your toilet with warm water but not to hot to where you will burn yourself, fill up the bag with Epsom salt and more warm water so it can distribute itself to the water you have warmed already. You sit on this and it perfectly gives your lady parts a soaking and healing bath without taking a full bath! Now remember your lady parts are so fragile, wiping is out of the picture. So what do you do when you need to clean yourself after going that dreaded number 2? You take a sitz bath. This helps you so much stay clean, heal, and prevent infection because you don’t want any of that getting elsewhere!

I used all of these things daily to help me feel like myself again during the postpartum period. Once you have everything ready and easily accessible, you will not regret it!