As my colostrum turned to milk, the possibility of Nalani not getting enough breastmilk was the last thing on my mind. My breasts appeared as if they were going to explode any minute from the engorgement.

However, following my daughters two month check up, I discovered she only weighed 9lbs and 3oz. Which was not far off from the 8lbs and 9oz, her weight was when she was born. My mind was racing, is she getting enough milk? What do I do if I need to increase my supply? How do I get her where she should be?

I can’t be the only first time momma with concerns.

Signs Baby is Hungry

  • Is baby calm, or relaxing/content after feeding?

– If baby is upset after feeding, fussy, and/or crying, they may still be hungry. If both breasts are emptied and they nursed for, or more than the usual amount of time it could be tummy issues.

– Baby might find feeding position uncomfortable. Mimic their position and if you can’t swallow a sip of a drink, neither can they. Reposition them to a position they find comfortable.

  • Breasts being completely emptied? Pay attention to the before and after feeding size of your breasts, they may appear smaller. If not, they should at least definitely be softer than they were previously if baby removed all the breastmilk. I always use Lansinohs Breast Therapy packs to really let my milk flow. My breasts are emptied best and 100% because of them!
  • Can you hear your baby swallow when you’re feeding them? It may have to be complete silence in order for you to hear, but generally between 5-10 sucks you should visually see baby take a pause in feeding and swallow if they swallow quietly or not, and/or be able to hear a soft “c” or “k”.
  • Appropriate amount of wet and dirty diapers? Dirty diapers might not be a positive sign. Some breastfed babies can go a day to two without any poopy diapers, my daughter does. However, wet diapers are more of a worry baby isn’t eating enough.

If their urine has a dark tint to it, accompanied by a decrease in the number of wet diapers, reach out to their pediatrician or a lactation consultant for assistance/options.

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