Did you know you can give your baby a bottle and NEVER wash one? There is an endless amount of different types of bottles and numerous of them “Top-Rated”, but which is really the best to use?

Not every brand will work for your baby, and that is because they all work differently. Each bottle consists of/or an anti-colic system, liner, different nipple flow and shape, and overall shape and design. Selecting the right bottle for baby doesn’t have to be complicated.

Giving your breastfed baby a bottle is a process. You have to pump, transfer to a breastmilk storage bag, and transfer right back into another bottle. What if I told you that you can Pump, Store, and Feed using only one pouch?

How to simplify breastfeeding

I use this product and stand by it 100% because of how easy it is to use, how convenient it is, and I never have to wash any bottles EVER. Not sure if it’s for you? Try it FREE, and it will come with everything pictured below.

Kiinde Starter Kit
FREE Kiinde Starter Kit

With a $50 retail value, only $6 S&H is way to cheap considering you get these free coupons and freebie!

Free coupons from Kiinde Starter Kit
FREE COUPONS & FREEBIE included in Starter Kit

Let me Introduce Kiinde Direct-Pump and Direct-Feed Twist Pouches with a twist-locking cap.

Kiinde Twist Pouch for baby's bottle Kiinde Direct-Pump Capability

These pouches are available in both sizes 6oz and 8oz, and have the ability to attach to almost ANY breast pump for direct-pumping. With a leak-proof guarantee, and the ability to lock onto all major breast pump brands provides a leak-free and transfer-free experience while saving you time.

Wondering how can you bottle feed out of that plastic pouch? Kiinde Twist Pouches is just the first out of three steps. The next step being the Kiinde Natural Feeding Bottle.

Kiinde Baby Bottle (Front) Kiinde Baby Bottle (Back)

Without any complicated venting mechanisms you encounter with other bottles, eliminating air from your babies meal couldn’t get any easier. Place Twist pouch directly inside bottle, squeeze all the air out and pop a Twist Active-Latch Nipple in on top. The final step to your new process:

Twist Pouch inserted into Kiinde Baby Bottle Kiinde Baby Bottle fully assembled

This nipple is designed to help your little one achieve a deep, wide, and correct latch making it easy to discourage lazy latching! Milk flow from the nipple is even based on babies suction and massaging of the nipple.

Want to transition to Kiinde but not sure if baby will take it? Why don’t you use the nipple of your choice on a Kiinde bottle and find out! They have adapters making it that easy to do so.

Kiinde baby Bottle with adapter to use other brand bottle nipples Dr. Browns baby bottle nipple on Kiinde Bottle

Getting baby from Boob to Bottle couldn’t have been any easier using the Kiinde bottle system! Stop paying full price for baby items and get your FREE KIINDE STARTER KIT TODAY!

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